7 Simple Exercises to Get Rid of Underarm Fat & Back Bulge in 7 Days

The common name for not well shaped arms are “saggy” arms or “bat wings” which refers to the accumulated fat under our arms. As a result of that most of the people hide their arms by wearing clothes with long sleeves.

However, this should not be the case as there are very efficient exercises for this specific body area which can help you to shape and tone your arms. Additionally these exercises will also help you to eliminate the back bulge quickly and efficiently.

7 Ways to Eliminate Underarm Fat and Back Bulge

The exercises that we are about to present you will help you to quickly eliminate the fat in the underarm and back bulge, and if you practice them each day in just about one week you will see the positive results.

  1. The Scissors Exercise


This simple exercise can be dome almost by anyone. All you have to do is to take the upright standing position, and then stretch your arms in front of you. Start by bringing them next to each other till they form the shape of V. Next, place one hand underneath the other till X is formed.

Return to the starting position and repeat the movement, but in this rep change the hand that goes underneath. Do it for 20 times, or as often as you can.

  1. Stretching Exercises

Perform Stretching Exercises

This is an exercise that we all do in the morning or in the evening. Therefore, make sure to do it as frequent as possible as it is very good for your underarms. In fact, this exercise keeps the muscles toned and in shape and it is easily performed almost everywhere, in your home or in your office. Plus, the stretching exercises will keep your body healthy and reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease.

  1. Rotating Arms Exercises


By performing these exercises you will prevent the appearance of fat on your underarms. Work out your underarms and easily remove all that fat, and for achieving that you can rotate both of your arms at once. However, you should not do large circles with your arms, but make small ones by stretching them out horizontally.

  1. Rotate Your Wrists


The rotation of your wrists can contribute to nicely formed shoulders and lower part of the arms. Additionally, it will help you in the most natural way to lose all that underarm fat.

For that purpose you need to use dumbbells (one or two pounds). Take the standing straight position and stretch out both of your hands holding dumbbells forward. In this position, start to rotate your wrist, both inward and outward, as far away as possible from your body, but you are not supposed to change your position. By doing this exercise your arms will be way stronger than before.

  1. Namaste Exercises Upside-Down

5.	Namaste Exercises Upside-Down

In a regular Namaste exercise you are supposed to bring your arms in front of you, but in the upside-down Namaste you are stretching the arms in the back. This is the way how it goes: stand up and lift your hands upwards, pointing towards the sky. Then place them together and take them to your back, stretching your arms in the back as much as possible. Do the exercise a few times.

  1. Boxing


If you want to eliminate that underarm fat take up sport like boxing. We are not suggesting that you should train violently as if competing in this sport, just try to train in the way boxers do. By practicing the boxers training you will very soon obtain those nicely shaped and toned arms.

  1. Pull-Ups


This type of exercise is also great for losing those saggy arms and getting the arms you have always wanted. Therefore, find something that is sturdy enough to hold the weight of your body and start pulling so that you elevate the body off the ground. In the beginning do as many as you can, but do not overdo it. As time passes increase the number of your pull-ups, however you need to be consistent in their performance if you want to efficiently lose all that fat on your underarms.