Signs that shouldn’t be Ignored For best life

16. Abnormal Bleeding

Besides being a sign of a urinary tract infection, blood in the urine can also indicate kidney or bladder cancer.

In the same way, blood in stools can indicate bowel cancer, although it is a typical sign of hemorrhoids.

Signs of uterine or endometrial cancer include bleeding after menopause or between periods.

Although rarely, sometimes vaginal bleeding can indicate vaginal cancer. Similarly,

one of the warning signs of colorectal cancer is bleeding from the gastrointestinal tract.

Excessive and persistent bruising and bleeding might be a warning symptom of leukemia.

Coughing or vomiting blood can indicate lung and esophageal, or stomach cancer respectively.

Although the reason for abnormal bleeding is not cancer in most cases,

it can indicate other serious conditions and diseases that require a proper medical examination.

Besides doing the recommended cancer screenings and regular health check-ups,

make sure you pay attention to the symptoms described in this post.