Signs that shouldn’t be Ignored For best life

14. Abdominal or Pelvic Pain

Lower abdominal or pelvic pain followed by pelvic heaviness and changes in the bowel habits can indicate ovarian cancer.

The chances of developing this type of cancer are higher in:

women with a family history of ovarian, colorectal, or breast cancer

women who have never been pregnant

women diagnosed with colon, breast, uterine, or rectal cancer

In addition, pain in the pelvic area might indicate leukemia or uterine cancer.

15. Unusual Pain Lasting Longer Than 4 Weeks

Pains and aches can be caused by numerous reasons. However, pain occurring for no apparent reason which comes and go,

or stays for a period of 4 weeks or more, needs to be checked by a doctor as it may indicate testicular or bone cancer.