Worst signs your feet are warning you about a thyroid problem


Snuggled in a fluffy white bathrobe in an upscale spa, I was waiting to have my toes pampered with

a deluxe pedicure as the basin used to be filling with warm, aromatic water.

“Your feet are highly dry with thick, hardened dermis in your heels that have deep cracks.

I see feet like this in ladies with illness,” the girl remarked, a little too loudly, inspecting my ft at close range.

“What style of ailment?” I whispered, feeling very embarrassed as men and women within the crowded

spa became to gawk at my feet.

“You will have to see your health care professional about your ft.”

This girl giving me a pedicure could see as simple as the day the signs of a major health situation

proper there in my feet, however, it would take 10 extra years to ultimately receive my formal diagnosis:

extreme hypothyroidism.