6 Warning Signs of Clogged Arteries

While a lot of people suffer from blocked arteries, they don’t realize that this is the problem until

something drastic happens. Keeping track of early symptoms can save lives and it is essential for

everyone to know that they are.

Here 6 early symptoms you should look out for:

1. Lower Body Aches

Blockages in arteries can cause pain in parts of your lower body like your hips and thighs

while you go about your day to day work. The lack of proper circulation results in muscles cramps and pain.

2. Your Chest Hurts

When the heart doesn’t receive proper blood flow, your chest might start hurting. At the same time,

you might also experience a tight or numb sensation. You’ll feel like there’s a weight on your chest

or experience something like severe heartburn. Consult with a physician before you suffer from a cardiac arrest.