How to Reduce Body Fat: 9 Tips and Exercises that Help

If you want to know how to reduce body fat, this post is for you! We’re sharing the best diet, exercise,

and lifestyle tips and tricks to help decrease your body fat naturally. Whether you’re trying to slim down

for health reasons, or specifically want to target belly fat so you can look good in a bikini on your

next beach vacation, these ideas will help.

What is a Healthy Body Fat Percentage?

If you want to know how to reduce body fat, an important first step is to determine what your

current body fat percentage is, and what your goals are. A doctor or personal trainer will have the

tools needed to give you an accurate body fat percentage, but for those who prefer to measure

themselves at home, a set of skin fold callipers or a body fat scale can give you an approximate measurement.

Once you know what your body fat percentage is, you can assess if you fall within a healthy

range using the following body fat percentage charts for women and men.

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